Hi! My name is Emma. I am an artist and a lifelong creator. I love to make things for people in very bright colours. Bright colour stories and eye-catching patterns are my addiction. Once I see something, or have an idea, I have to create it in some form. I learnt how to crochet and knit around 7 or 8 years old because I wanted to make cool clothes for my Barbie dolls. I have carried this love with me throughout my life – knitting my own football scarf and making my first jumper as a teenager, and now I see crochet as my therapy – to centre myself when I am stressed out.

I also like to draw, which I now do using Procreate on my iPad Pro or just with a pencil and paper. I use Procreate to choose colour stories for the clay projects that I do, or I use it to print my designs onto plastic.

My main inspirations are taken from art and music: I love the bright colours that Matisse used to use in his work and how his wonderful personality was reflected in everything that he did; I adore the graffiti murals created by Keith Haring – his use of colour is so vibrant and fun; I love 80’s graphic art and advertisements; I am a punk at heart and my favourite bands ever are Black Flag, Devo, The Raincoats, David Bowie and Husker Du.